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Free Email Accounts
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Web-based email services require a pre-existing Internet account with a service provider such as Otsego County Library (Access ID), Northland, Freeway, America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, MSN, Juno or Net Zero. Web-based email can be accessed from any computer in the world, so long as that computer has access to the World Wide Web. Here are but a few of the many free web-based email services.


A web page is a site on the World Wide Web that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Web pages may be published by any person and be on almost any topic. Business, universities, non-profit organizations, political activities, students and others publish web pages in order to advertise their opinions, services and products. A few sites on the internet allow individuals to publish their pages for free.
Fast, free, easy. Includes spellcheck, signature file, filtering, reminders, and will send attachments. Supported by advertising.

Free web page setup and hosting service.
Free hosting and authoring service.
Free web page. A little complicated to setup, but good capabilities
Fast, free, easy. Includes spellcheck, signature file, and will send attachments. Supported by Miscrosoft and advertising.
Google Accounts
7+ GB Storage, mobile access & much more. Sign up for an account today!
Fast, free, easy. Has address book and will send attachments. Supported by advertising.  Ability to choose from over 100 domain names. Requires users to supply address and phone numbers.
Not that fast, not that easy, but free. Provides spell checker, spam filter, and allows attachments.

Many of the above services require the user to accept a user agreement policy. In some cases this policy allows the provider to sell the user's name and personal information to advertisers. For your own information and protection, be sure to read these policies.

Otsego County Library is in no way responsible for the reliability of these services. Any problem experienced during the use of these services should be directed to the service provider in question.

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Last updated 03/23/13